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Zika Virus – Mothers and Babies

Mosquitos are the most dangerous animals in the world. The CDC says 3.6 billion people are at risk for mosquito borne disease. Mothers  are often alone in their efforts to support their Zika babies. When life becomes more challenging with Zika babies, husbands frequently abandon them. They have to stop working as looking after the babies can feel like a 24 hour day job. They undergo whats called a Caregiver syndrome. Depression is universal in these mothers, yet none of them get proper psychological care. Some have even attempted suicide.

CHIRAJ strives to achieve to provide a stronger support system by arranging therapy sessions for them to express their difficulties. We also provide ‘spa‘ days with manicures, pedicures and massages for them to give them a break from their routine.

Many women face significant mental health issues and have owing to the current economic situation

CHIRAJ sponsors a large group home where like minded mothers can congregate as a support group and express concerns.

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