The invasion of and war against Ukraine and her people, in February 2022, impacted every person, regardless of age and or gender. The mental health and psychosocial support needs of Ukrainian people were high prior to 2022 which has increased the need for urgent action to prevent further trauma, and overcome the impact of this crisis.
CHIRAJ started the mission at the Ukraine/Poland border at Medyka to provide medical care to refugees who crossed that border daily.
Subsequently, we began working with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and providing them with medicines and supplies which go to the east in the active war zones.
War and forced displacement have negative consequences, particularly on women and children. This made CHIRAJ has started an initiative to work on helping individuals with gender-based violence, soldiers disabled from the war, and childhood trauma by treating their depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
In association with AcademyGO (an advocacy group) based in Ukraine, Chiraj has established a Center of Wellness to treat victims of war suffering from mental illness. Our staff consists of psychologists and counselors. International experts in the field offer assistance through telemedicine. Our office space has been generously donated by the Ministry of Defense, Ukraine. Chiraj is targeting a 5-year plan to open clinics in other Ukrainian regions to help better treat the vulnerable population in other war-torn.
For more than 150 years the National Scientific Center “M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology” has provided care to countless Ukrainians. Russia’s invasion has damaged or destroyed its critical infrastructure. CHIRAJ in partnership with Stony Brook Southampton Hospital has donated an echocardiogram machine so they can continue to treat patients.
A symposium was held in the open space created on the basis of the “VCENTRI HUB” (Communication Center) to educate and support people suffering from mental health challenges as a result of Russian aggression. We had virtual experts from Columbia University, New York and International Psychology Organizations, New York amongst others share their experience and best practice.


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