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Hunger is tightening its grip on more than 20 million Ethiopians who are facing conflict in the north, drought in the south, and dwindling food and nutrition support in addition to a paucity of basic medical and non-medical essentials.
The Afar region with a population of 1.812 million has been witnessing a deadly and escalating nutritional crisis, requiring a major humanitarian response. CHIRAJ has partnered with Afar National Regional State Women’s & Social Affair Bureau SAMARA.
CHIRAJ immediate focus will be to provide high protein food and women’s hygiene products in areas where larger NGOs do not serve. This will have an impact on 2,000 lives monthly.
CHIRAJ in partnership with Hold My Hand kicked off its project in the Afar Region of Ethiopia. As part of the kick off we hosted a Iftar Giving last week as part of the Ramadan Celebration. We distributed around 3 liters Oil + 1.5 Kgs of Meat to each person. Please see the coverage of our program on Qafar TV (
In association with AcademyGO (an advocacy group) based in Ukraine, Chiraj has established a Center of Wellness to treat victims of war suffering from mental illness. Our staff consists of psychologists and counselors. International experts in the field offer assistance through telemedicine. Our office space has been generously donated by the Ministry of Defense, Ukraine. Chiraj is targeting a 5-year plan to open clinics in other Ukrainian regions to help better treat the vulnerable population in other war-torn.




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