União de Mães de Anjos (UMA) was founded in 2015 as a support structure for the 8 mothers of children born with SCZV / Microcephaly.
In 2016. CHIRAJ started to partner with UMA in sending both financial and medical aid. After 18 months of hard work we where supporting clost to 431 families registered (which represents 92.45% of confirmed cases in the state of PE)

UMA – União de Mães de Anjos is an association that cares for and welcomes mothers and family members who have children with microcephaly, sequelae from the Zika virus in 2015 in Brazil. We hosted 431 families from the capital to the hinterland of the state of Pernambuco, in northeastern Brazil. We do not have partnerships with public or private companies, as they are both involved in politics and they are very corrupt, they like to take advantage of the pain and suffering of these people and I do not let anyone grow on my pain or the suffering of mine fighting sisters. Today, our main collaborator is CHIRAJ with its monthly help, as we would certainly have closed our doors, especially in this dark and lacking empathy government that we have here, which does not like social work or public policies for the segment of people with disabilities. , an unscrupulous and genocidal government.

Our main objective is the construction of public policies through laws, assistance to feed the hungry, renovate homes for those who need small adaptations for better accessibility for wheelchair users and the empowerment of women who are highly judged and invisible mothers. We have already received some regional, national and international awards, these awards of recognition and honors for the work of great impact in the favelas.

Let’s get to know the story of Rafaela the mother of Luiz Felipe.:
Hi, my name is Rafaela, I’m Luiz Felipe’s mother, I have another 10-year-old daughter Allana Deyse. Luiz Felipe is 6 years old, who has microcephaly caused by Zika, he was yet another child affected by this epidemic in 2015, which affected black and slum women with the self. I currently live alone with my two children, Luiz Felipe’s father left when he was 1 year old and I go alone on the walk in treatments, appointments, exams that are daily, so I can’t work because there’s no one to stay with him. He convulses, eats through a tube in his belly, neither walks nor speaks. Recently, through UMA, we left the rent and received a decent and affordable house for Luiz Felipe’s condition, we got our own house, where I’m very grateful to Germana for having provided this for me and my children, where she doesn’t give up fighting for Zika families, through her struggle that me and other mothers have achieved many things. And I’m going through some difficulties, even leaving the rent, in the other house there wasn’t much anymore, but in this new house I needed to buy some furniture and especially Luiz Felipe’s needs for him to have greater comfort, my biggest difficulty is the medications , food supplement and disposable diapers that the city should offer us but unfortunately it doesn’t. And look, UMA helps us when it receives donations, but we are in many mothers and families who need it and donations come very few.


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