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Menstrual Hygiene Products

Millions of impoverished girls around the world miss up to 5 school days a month as they are unable to afford menstrual hygiene products. They are forced to use just about anything to control the bleeding – jeans, rugs or pillow cases.

Talking about menstruation in many countries is virtually forbidden. Many girls are viewed as dirty when they are menstruating. CHIRAJ has started its pilot project which assist three villages in South India to assist girls and adolescent women with a monthly supply of menstrual pads.

Our pads are biodegradable. We have purchased a machine to manufacture menstrual hygiene products for two villages and employ local women which also promotes the local economy.

We empower more girls stay in school and get the appropriate education they deserve. Ultimately, we set them up for success in the competitive job market. 

Our Work / Women’s Health

Making a menstruated pad

Our Work / Women’s Health

Girl Power

Join us to celebrate

World Menstrual Day

on 5/28/2021

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