Mike Krause


October 28. 2020

Team Chiraj Southampton. NY USA

Dear Friends.

A huge THANK YOU to you and everyone at Team Chiraj for your donation of 100 designer masks, to the Idaho Ronald McDonald House! During the past 7 months our organization has continued to serve families in need. Your donation helps our families’ feel safe and secure, during their stay, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donation means a lot to our organization and to the families we support These families come from all throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon They also come from every other state across this country and from a multitude of countries around the world - accessing highly specialized treatment options that can only be found here in Boise. Speaking for our entire staff, volunteers and guest-families - you have our utmost gratitude! The stories of the families staying at the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, personal stories of in-the-moment fears and more importantly of the hope that helped each family overcome the darkest moments of their lives, all share a similar pattern: feeling connected to and supported by our community. Knowing that we are not alone during turbulent times is the foundation of being resilient. The Ronald McDonald House pulls in community members- in an effort to show our families that whether they want to have time alone in their private bedroom or socialize in a shared kitchen space with others - they know that they are always supported by a caring and compassionate community. This is what your support means and what makes the Idaho Ronald McDonald House successful in fulfilling its mission. Thank you again and stay safe during these trying times!


Mike Krause
Director of Operations
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